Top 10 B2B eCommerce Trends you Should Know in 2018

B2B-E-Commerce-Trends-2018-2“By 2020, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.” – Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper, Co-CEOs of Bigcommerce”

eCommerce is growing constantly and bringing up new B2B eCommerce trends in the market. It offers a convenient way for the general user to access through a simple platform.  It further makes buying and selling are on a single click. B2B eCommerce market makes things simple by establishing a significant approach to introduced new trends and strategies where they can deal with different business.

Let’s begin with top 10 eCommerce trends that you must know that you can apply on different business approaches so that being a developer, entrepreneur you can get better exposure to apply latest trends for better output.

1. AI

Today, the trend has been converted to conversational commerce. Systems are highly integrated with AI chatbots, speech recognition and helping a layman for making better purchase decisions.

These conversational commerce trends are now expanding towards B2B markets so that it can work with better prediction with the sales, optimizing the prices and calculating discounts that are based on various index showing interest.API technology is another perk that AI brought giving better availability of software so they can be accessible to every single type of combined businesses at a massive level.

2. Dynamic Pricing

B2B e-commerce websites will be using Configure Price Quote tools that are another advanced trends that we are experiencing these days.

These tools also use special algorithms in order to adjust the prices of products that are based on their order history and catalog. As a result of these trends, this provides a customized and excellent user experience. Beside these transparent prices, there will be no hidden or extra fees for this.

According to the recent results on industrial growth, 2018 remained a good index for the growing e-Commerce platforms. This customer satisfaction was because of the customer satisfaction that these new trends have introduced.

3. Native app experience

Instant services like world largest growing networks Amazon are also satisfied because of like experience of E-commerce or B2B business. As a part of B2B customers, they expect the same quality of service and instant solutions to their problems.

Today, B2B ecommerce products have been finally providing a fine experience to its clients by making a fair dealing. Before B2B services people were not usually aware of the hidden charges that various products hold that ultimately end up in losing interest in the brand itself. Not every E-commerce platform is available on handy but still professionals are searching for best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development that could serve such a big database and support responsiveness at the same time.

The researchers predict that at the end of 2018, platforms that are using worn out techniques of E-commerce business will be no longer stay and will be soon able to replace.

4. Synchronized Management

The modern way of cloud-based commerce has provided integrated and well-synchronized solutions that make order processing and systematic involvement in the better user experience.

Other features of E-commerce includes JIT OR Just in Time availability where a user doesn’t have wait for extended hours and days to get their desired items. There is always an alternative available for the buyer to assist them.

Multi-warehouse, shipping and returning management is all what the amazing perks given by E-commerce for better buying experience.

5. E-commerce gadget serving

According to the recent stats people spend more time on their phone than to interact with the outside world. In other words, mobile search is significantly growing due to ease of smartphone availability and responsiveness of applications. Same as it E-commerce sites are now planned to be optimized on phone. Network like Amazon is now being serving people efficiently and supporting the mobile architecture.

6. Social platforms integration

No matter which business we are running they always need social platforms to introduce their business there. This provides E-commerce a boost and give them leading opportunity and friendly platform to share their reviews, and grow their interpersonal links with business. This is known as social selling where eCommerce trends emphasized on the better horizon of business, by interacting with people and their interpersonal relationships and other prospects.

7. Landing pages techniques

A landing page is the first impression that most importantly appears to the user at first glance. B2B business E-commerce trends include brand awareness and build up complete trust and personally connecting it with the potential leads. Short Videos and explanatory business for product ideas have existing customers and all other prospects that intend to make a successful purchase.

8. Updates

Detailed insight is required when it comes to B2B customer satisfaction model. Shipment details, tracking id’s, customer experiences, and frequent dealing with client’s order is necessary for keeping the transactional record maintained.

B2B networks are hard to tackle sometimes because of money involvement. Keeping clients updates is necessary to check for business credibility and letting a user know about the status or his order.

9. Customizing platforms

Implementing a B2B eCommerce platform is not easy. It always comes up with complexities. E-commerce timeframe includes all the system integration with whatever ERP you are using it must be done by few quick clicks by adding up new functionality to every update.

Customization of E-commerce is always needed if you want to give a good experience to the user with a high level of user satisfaction. Customization includes different content strategy other than defaults, different and easy front-end and layouts are necessary for giving the user a good experience of purchasing.

In simple words the better the layout of your E-commerce platform would be, the better would be the index of your daily purchase.

10. Giving Global exposure

Business is reaching the international prospects that are better than existing platforms in terms of better payment methods and ensuring continuous customer engagement in E-commerce.

Companies are now expanding towards more advanced solutions so that it can be more intelligent, responsive and cope with new emerging needs globally.


Artificial intelligence, survey-based results and monitoring of daily user needs have made a significant change in B2B E-commerce revenue. This coming year it is more likely expected that almost every small and large enterprise level E-commerce platforms would be enjoying the newest of trends in the market with more customization and better user reviews as there are a lot more Software development companies and experts are intending to bring in the market.

Author Bio:Paul Matlock being a Director of Award Winning Web Design Company is serving people to maintain a better log for the readers to get in touch with the newest technology. Being IT specialist I always worked on purpose to facilitate people that are technology lovers who want to be part of innovation.