How social media has helped us build business indoors?

When it comes to writing, she believes that the simplest form of words can help build a better opinion in front of people. With this thought, Garima Aggarwal is an aspiring content writer working in the field for the last 2 years. Currently, she is working for <a href="">TABSCAP: Digital Marketing Agency</a>. Being from the journalism background, she is passionate to write about topics related to lifestyle, health, <a href="">Search Engine Optimization</a> and Digital Marketing.Social media has become a one-stop platform for masses. Be it entertainment, communication or heading off for a business. The previous year has given us a lot of lessons, with covid snatching the economies of the countries, the world has got many learning on how to maintain the businesses with the help of the online platform.

Many businesses were forced to shut down and many businesses flourished. At the time where social media was just an entertainment platform for some, some made it their global marketplace to manage their company and brand.

But how did social media became a platform for people to do business sitting at home? You thought an office space, high-end systems, a huge workforce, a meeting hall was vital for a business? 2020 proved you or us altogether wrong.

Here’s how social media has helped masses to build an occupation indoors while chilling on a comfortable couch.

Global reach sitting at home

You sitting in a remote area cannot think of reaching people residing on the other corner of your country, but with social media, the whole world is your consumer. With access to social media, you just need to have a little knowledge about online platform manages to spread your brand all around the country or even abroad.

Since everything almost went online amid the fear of covid spread and is broadly being practising like previous year only, most of the brand owners are going live keeping in mind that people can experience the services of their brand with ease, comfort and without covid fear. Social media gives your line a global reach sitting at home.

So why invest money on setting up an office when you can make your home an office, your laptop a communication medium and social media your marketplace?

Active user base- Facebook, Instagram user base

People tend to get more influenced towards the content and ads they view on their active social media accounts. This information is bestowed creatively to attract the audience. Social media is nowadays active, more than the real world actual.

Broadly, one may not know who lives in their neighbourhood but they would know what is trending on social media and who is famous there. This makes it more accessible to establish your business using these social media sites.

Facebook and Instagram are one of the reliable marketing platforms for your company as it contains endless and variety of users coming from various backgrounds and having different requirements.

It is easier to market your products on social media than the old marketing techniques that have a lot of man-power, time, and efforts involved in it. Hence, using social media, you would be able to reach the active users who can prove to be of benefit to your brand.

Social Media marketing is economical

Very, very in fact! Like I mentioned in point one, it helps cut the costs of your office space, marketing techniques, among other things. However, with this widespread platform one can only think of winning the world, without paying heavily for it!

Earlier, when entrepreneurs wanting to showcase their product, they had to think of the most appropriate method of marketing it to reach more audience. Old marketing techniques involved door-to-door selling of the product, television advertisements that cost our life, putting hoardings in the marketplaces, print ads, flyers and brochures among others. All these techniques require time, management, huge man-power, and last but the most important, a huge-huge investment.

Social media marketing only requires a little investment with a guarantee that your product will reach masses within a specific time period and a little knowledge about how or when to carry out the marketing scenario.

For a reason, the older marketing techniques used to generate results only when you step out of your office space and reach people but social media marketing has it differently. Your brand would reach out to people even when you sit at your couch comfortably.

Social media has become a marketplace

Social media is a marketplace with active buyers and sellers from around the world, a marketplace where your work will get recognised. In the online world, it has become a marketplace for several reasons.

First is, buyers don’t have to wait for themselves to get free from work and visit shops. All they have to do is just scroll on your social media platform to witness the products and you can do it anytime as they are available 24X7.

Personally, buying products online is now more trustable as one can witness the review of a product prior to buying it which is not possible in offline or in-store shopping. Testimonials, reviews, affiliates make it easier for the buyers to decide if they want to make a purchase or not.

Social media is a wide platform for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a model of marketing which widely used nowadays and by almost all brands. Initially, Amazon popularized the practice of affiliate marketing. Using it, websites, bloggers and influencers put links of the Amazon website or page as they review a product for which they receive an advertising fee when a purchase is made. Social media has rather become a wide platform for affiliate marketing as people follow the influencers more than the actors nowadays.

An honest review of the services and products ensure for a company that their quality is worth buyer’s money or not. Also, with the online system going live all over the world, affiliate marketing tends to make a bigger impact on people’s mind than print ads, hoardings and other old marketing forms.

Better connectivity with potential customers

Your active consumers have engaged with you all along but every business owner wishes to attract more and more customers to their business. Who doesn’t want that; more customers and more money? The social networking medium helps encourage potential customers as well.

For a reason, I do get attracted to a post that appears on my social media newsfeed now and then. For once, I will click on its page and maybe I get so attracted towards the services that I end up becoming one of their regular consumers.

With this, social media has proven to be a trend-setting platform for new businesses with the ultimate potential of growth and reach.

When it comes to writing, she believes that the simplest form of words can help build a better opinion in front of people. With this thought, Garima Aggarwal is an aspiring content writer working in the field for the last 2 years. Currently, she is working for TABSCAP: Digital Marketing Agency. Being from the journalism background, she is passionate to write about topics related to lifestyle, health, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.


Dedicated Server Hosting: How Crucial it is for your Web Interface

Are you planning to build a website for your business? But, before that, you need a good web development service.

Web development is basically every work that concerns building a website. And, to do this efficiently, you need a hosting service.

Here, you might wonder why hosting service is important. The answer is quite simple. A hosting service provider will provide you a pro-level service. Of course, you can do this on your own. But that will be too much hard work to deal with.

You have to choose a type, then buy a domain, and go through a chain of procedures. A hosting service provider can do all this for you.

However, there are many types of hosting services – dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, collected hosting, cloud hosting, etc.

All these types have their own pros and cons. So, choosing one can be a tough job.

But I will say go for a dedicated server hosting. Though shared server hosting is much cheaper, it has few security risks of its own.

However, you deserve to know every ins-and-outs of the dedicated server hosting service. So, let us begin.

Dedicated Server Hosting: An Overview

In dedicated server hosting, you lease a web hosting service’s server in the data center to create your website. In this type of server hosting, you basically pay the web hosting service for a server which only you can use.

When you are operating a single server without sharing it with anyone, it keeps you away from some serious security issues.

These security issues are quite common in shared server hosting services.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server Hosting

The benefits of the Dedicated Server Hosting service are –

First of all, you can decide what hardware you want to use for your website. Which means, the hosting service provider will give you the option to choose from the various hardware options.

Choosing your own hardware will allow you to stay relaxed about the traffic of your website. If you see that the traffic on your website is increasing, you can upgrade the hardware accordingly.

Security is the next major thing on the website. If your website faces any cyber-threat, you might lose your customers. This might affect the image of your company.

When you are using a shared server for your website, you share the same server with other people. If there is one malicious websites on that server, it makes your website vulnerable too.

When you use a dedicated server, you don’t have to face such problems.

Additionally, you get administrative control when you use a dedicated server. If the server becomes slow, you can replace it easily. If you feel that you need more RAM, you can get that too.

Disadvantages of a Dedicated Server Hosting

The disadvantages of a Dedicated Server Hosting service are –

  • Dedicated server hosting is pretty costly compared to other hosting services.
  • To operate a dedicated server hosting, you need to have in-depth knowledge. You need to manage a lot of things as you have a full server leased for your business.
  • To make dedicated server hosting work properly, you need to decide what Operating System should go in the server, what kind of hardware you need, etc. Basically, you need an IT team.

Now that you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the Dedicated Server Hosting service, you can go for it. So, let me tell you how to set up and configure a dedicated server.

Configure a Dedicated Server: Beginners’ Guide

Are you thinking of buying a dedicated server? Web Designing Services can be your pick. Let’s see the process of configuring a dedicated server –

Initiating the Configuring Process

If you don’t have a DreamHost account, you first have to make one. Then, log into your account and access the dashboard.

In the dashboard, you will see a “Add a Dedicated Server” button. Select this. A form will appear where you can configure the server.

Specify the Number of Cores you Need for CPU

The first option you will have to select is the number of cores you want for the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Core is a part of the CPU that helps it with the processing power.

Using multiple cores will help the server to perform multiple functions at a time. DreamHost allows you to choose between either 4 or 12 cores. So, select the core depending on your requirement.

Select the Storage Option

After selecting the number of cores for the CPU, you need to select the storage for your server. You will see that there are three options, but you will not be able to select all of them.

The storage option change with the number of cores selected. For example, for 4 cores CPU, 1TB HDD option will be available.

The primary factor you need to consider while selecting the storage option is the amount of space you need and the type of hard disk you want to use. You can opt for HDD or SSD with DreamHost.

The basic difference between the 2 is that the HDD has more storage. While the SSD is faster because it does not use any moving parts like the HDD. However, has less storage than HDD.

Adding RAM to the Server

The most important part of a server is the Random Access Memory (RAM). It helps to determine the loading speed of your website.

If the server runs out of memory, the performance of your website will be affected. So, you have to be very careful while selecting the RAM.

The following factors affect RAM the most –

  • Operating System (OS) – Different OS requires a different amount of RAM to function. DreamHost’s all server runs on Ubuntu OS, which helps in RAM management.
  • Side Traffic – The traffic on your site is greatly affected by the RAM of the server. It will be manageable if you assign 1GB of RAM for every 2,500 visitors on your site per day.
  • Applications – The applications on the server also uses a good amount of RAM.

It’s up to you to opt for the RAM size for your website. However, it is recommended to have the RAM a bit larger than the actual required RAM size.

Migrate an Existing Server

If you already have an account on DreamHost, you can choose to migrate your existing account to your new dedicated server. This will carry your data and all your old plans, including your domains and users to your server.

This is appropriate for those accounts whose current plan has expired. By migrating to your new server, you will be able to keep all your data and settings the same way it was before.

Selecting your Payment Plan

After setting up the server, you now have to select a payment plan. The pricing options update based on the choices you make on this page.

You can opt for a monthly or annual payment option.

If you opt for the yearly plan, you will have to pay more money upfront, but it will save money in the long term. The choice is up to you.

Whatever option you choose, to complete the procedure, click “Add Server”.


So, if you want the best for your website and want full control, then you should definitely go for Dedicated Server Hosting.

I hope that you learned about the Dedicated Server Hosting service and its benefits in details. So, go for it without any doubt.

How to Get Started with a WordPress Blog?

Do you want to communicate your opinions and thoughts on certain topics with the public? Do you want to share your life experiences or your knowledge to help others? Do you love using the computer? There are no doubts, you have to open a blog. And to do it, you cannot find a better solution than WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source platform through which everyone can create a blog in an easy and fast way, customizing it to the smallest details and starting immediately to write articles (posts, in the jargon). Would you like to try it? Then follow my advice on how to create a blog with WordPress and try it.

What Will You Need to Create a WordPress Blog?

There are three basic things you will need:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting Service
  3. WordPress Theme

As you can see, some of the things you need to create a WordPress blog are not free. So, how much will it cost to start your blog? In most cases, the first year costs between $20-100.

1. Domain Name

To open a personal or business blog, you need some essential elements. The first is definitely the name, you have to choose the identity of your web space. A corporate blog does not have this problem, in principle, it takes the name of the business. For a personal project you have two solutions:

  • Name of the person
  • Idea or brand

The first case I recommend if you are a freelancer and you want to use the blog to let people know your views, the second can be a viable alternative to convey an idea, an individual project. For example, I choose ‘My Social Web’ because I want to give my point of view on the subject.

How to choose the name of a blog? It must be simple, easy to remember and to pronounce. Also to be written. These are also the characteristics of the domain: go to a domain provider such as Namecheap or GoDaddy and buy it, choose the extension suitable for your project (.com, .me, .blog) and take your identity.

I usually suggest buying the main top-level domains, in order to protect the brand. Question: I already have a domain, can I create a blog without buying it again? Of course, you have to point it with the new hosting. By the way, read the next paragraph to learn more.

2. Hosting Service

A hosting allows the blog to be reached, so you have to choose carefully. I suggest you invest something more and buy managed WordPress hosting, which guarantees good service and high performance. Better a Linux or Windows hosting for WordPress?

There is no real obligation but it is better to bet on Linux because it has all the resources needed for the CMS, while Windows to work must be modified by expert hands. On the other hand, there are minimum requirements to be met to make WordPress work: PHP7 or higher and MySQL 5.6 or higher.

Most people are aiming for free blogs because they do not have the skills to organize hosting, domain, and WordPress. They have no confidence with servers and other technical skills. But you know what? Today, there are hosting services like Cloudways that provide pre-installed WordPress. So you just have to buy and start writing: everything is automated!

3. WordPress Theme

We have arrived at another very important step for those who want to create a WordPress blog: the choice of the theme. There are WordPress themes for all needs and for all budgets.

First, you will have to choose whether to buy a free or premium theme. Without a doubt, free WordPress themes are available. In most cases, however, these have very limited functionality compared to premium themes.

If you choose to use a free theme, make sure it is maintained by the developer and is updated regularly. Furthermore, use only themes present in the official WordPress repository. These themes are in fact validated by the platform development team.

Whether you choose a premium theme or a free theme, follow these guidelines:

  • Select a theme that is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and has a good number of downloads.
  • Make sure the theme has a responsive layout. That is, that is perfectly visible on screens of various sizes (mobile and tablet included). Always more users use mobile devices to connect. Having a website optimized for mobile and tablet will allow you to ensure a positive experience.
  • Be compatible with the plugins you want to use. Let me explain:
    • if you want to create a multilingual WordPress blog, you will probably use WPML.
    • If you plan to add ecommerce functionality, you will probably install WooCommerce.
    • If you want to create a forum section, you will install bbPress.
  • To create an SEO-optimized blog (i.e., for indexing on search engines) choose an SEO-optimized WordPress theme.
  • Competition on domains and search engines is high. To ensure that you are found through organic searches, you will need to optimize your site and your content for search engines.

Configure WordPress Settings

First of all, I suggest you work on the default WordPress settings.

General Settings

On this page, make sure that the Site Title and the Tagline of your blog are correct (on many themes, these are in fact displayed on the online site).

Here you can also check that the administrator Email Address is correct or not. Finally, at the bottom of the page, you can change the language of the WordPress installation.


Here you can configure the display of posts in the blog and on the home. If you want to create a “classic” WordPress blog, most likely you want the latest posts to be shown on the homepage in chronological order.

On this page, make sure that the “Your latest posts” option is selected in correspondence to the entry “Full text”. You can also configure how many items to display per page.


This is where you can work on the settings related to the comments section of your blog. In the beginning, I suggest you leave comments open to everyone. But activate the notifications, so be sure not to lose anyone and eventually delete those spam promptly.

The comments allow you to establish positive relationships with customers and to establish yourself as an expert by offering advice and useful information. Thanks to the comments, you can better understand how to help your users and how to improve the services offered.


This page is very important! Be sure to work on these options before writing and start sharing your posts.

The default option for permalinks is not optimal in terms of SEO. So I suggest you select the “Post Name” option so that the title of the post is displayed in the URLs of your posts.

Customize Theme Settings

Each theme has different options and a customized way to configure them. Usually, the theme options are however found in a separate category within the ‘Appearance’ section. You can also find different options within Appearance → Customize.

Here you will find different tabs. An important one is called the ‘Site Identity’, where you find the fields with the title and the motto of your blog again, and where you can upload the favicon image.

If you have difficulty configuring the theme you have chosen, you can contact the developer who created it. In case you have purchased a premium theme, you will have access to a real support portal, on Themeforest or on the developer’s website.

However, if you have downloaded one of the free themes available in the WordPress directory, you can leave your support requests in the forum area dedicated to the theme you have chosen.

Basic WordPress Plugins


This plugin is so important that most hosting providers include it in the WordPress installation package. To check if it has already been installed, navigate to Plugins → Installed Plugins. If it is not there, install it by navigating to Plugins → Add New. You can search for it directly in the WordPress directory. Akismet helps protect your site from spam by blocking suspicious comments.

Contact Form 7

All sites should have a contact form and Contact Form 7 is the best plugin to create it. Once installed, you can have different objectives to initiate communication with your users and as a result, you will need to receive different data and create different forms.

Yoast SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This term refers to all activities aimed at optimizing your site so that it is indexed to the best on search engines – by making your pages stand out and giving them greater visibility.

Yoast SEO is a plugin that allows you to optimize your blog in a very simple way, guiding you through the insertion of keywords, creating the sitemap, and so on.


Blogging and social networks go hand in hand. Social networks are undoubtedly among the most important tools for promoting your site. So make sure that at the bottom of every post you are sharing links. A great plugin to add them is Shareaholic, but there are many others.


A tool to connect the blog to the newsletter. Any marketing expert would recommend starting from the first post to gather the email addresses of your followers through the newsletter. Most likely, you will start with MailChimp plugin to link your MailChimp account to the blog, you need a plugin.

Optimize Images and Caching

Another aspect to pay attention to when creating a WordPress blog is images. There is no doubt that having a blog full of images, big and of good quality, is aesthetically very attractive. But you must also pay attention to the site’s performance, avoiding to leave the users to wait an infinite time before the pages are loaded.

Another trick that I suggest you take from the beginning is caching. Caching plugins, such as Breeze, is used to create a static copy of the pages on your site. When a user tries to visit one of your pages, this copy is shown, which loads much faster than the “standard procedure”. It is a good idea to optimize your site’s performance from the beginning!


At this point, you should know how to create a WordPress blog without too much hesitation. I advise you not to rush the steps described above: choosing a managed hosting provider and a quality theme are important choices that will influence the performance of your blog over time.

Creating a WordPress blog and bringing it to success is a process that requires you to think about many aspects. For any questions or concerns, remember that you can always leave a comment below. We will reply as soon as possible.

8 Magento Store Preparation Hacks for Off-The-Chart Holiday Sales

The usual holiday sales period is between November and January. But for most store owners, the start of September is the ideal time for preparation of the holiday season in 2018. This gives them ample time to test their website for downtime, site-speed, product catalog optimization, and overall store preparation so they can get more sales and profits.

Magento Holiday Store Preparation

As most ecommerce stores are created with Magento framework, we will be sharing some of the best store Magento optimization tips to boost sales.

Optimized Hosting Stack

First thing first. Whether you are preparing for the holiday season or for daily sales, getting an optimized hosting stack should be on top of your list. Why?

People leave a website if it is slow. How do you know if a website is slow? It takes more than 3 seconds to load the website.

So, Magento store owners should get an ecommerce hosting solution that offers full page cache, and advanced performance optimization technology to increase performance before the holiday season. Cloudways is the best Magento hosting solution for ecommerce stores because it offers all these features and many more.

Add One-click checkout

Once they have a proper hosting stack, the store owners should aim for a one-click checkout.

Cart abandonment rate is a major issue during the holiday sprint. Around 69 percent of visitors abandon cart during the holiday season of 2017. And studies have suggested that a major reason people leave a filled shopping cart is that of the long checkout process. So, the best way to improve Magento store performance is by adding a single click checkout option.

Make Layout Attractive

What is that one theme that is attractive, fast, light, and offers complete ecommerce functionality to Magento store owners? Install it on your ecommerce website.

Research suggests that the overall credibility of a website depends on the type of layout it has. A website with an unprofessional layout will look shady, and in most cases, people will avoid purchase at all.

On the other hand, websites with powerful and simple layouts will get sales even if they have only a handful of products available. Because they look credible, offer an attractive design, and meet the taste of the shoppers.

Create a Blog Calendar

How to market your product to the users once you have set up your store? Set up a blog and start posting content that users will be looking for during the holiday season. We are writing this post in August. Now is the right time to create and promote your blog. Because if you start later or just before the start of the holiday season, it won’t have the impact that you desire.

Some type of blog topic ideas for Magento store owners are:

  • Must-Have PRODUCTS to buy during the holiday season
  • X Product benefits and Why You Should Get it During the Holiday Season
  • Why This Is The Right Time to Purchase PRODUCTNAME

Test & Remarket

Test multiple types of the audience with lead segmentation. You will need leads to remarket them with product ads. How do you get leads? We have written extensively on it in our Ecommerce Lead Generation blog post.

Once you have leads, remarket them with a variety of products and then note down the results. You will soon have a winning strategy. Scale this strategy for wider promotions before & during the holiday season.

Add more payment options

More payment options can lead to more sales. Why? Suppose you have PayPal as a payment gateway only. Now, some people may not prefer PayPal because of their biases. But there is a simple workaround. Get another payment gateway for those who don’t want to use PayPal.

This way these potential customers will not turn away from your store, as they will now have a second payment option available.

There is one more benefit of these payment methods. More payment options may be hard to maintain, but during the holiday sales spur, when transactions will take more time, more payment options will make the whole transaction process easy to manage.

Outsource shipping

Shipping can become one of the biggest dilemmas during the holiday seasons. Because of an outburst of orders, the logistics teams of most companies are busy in organizing and scheduling dispatches. This all is a cumbersome task and can lead to wrong orders getting sent to wrong recipients. An alternative is: Outsource the shipping.

By outsourcing your store’s shipping, you can liberate yourself from handling logistics and shopping. The third party will take a better care of the shipping, while you will be working on the actual business i.e. getting customers to your website.

Pre-Marketing & Hype

Seth Godin, the lord of unconventional marketing strategies, has put that you need a purple cow to grab attention. Whether it is a product, a service, or an ecommerce store. Creating a remarkable pre-marketing strategy takes time. So, sleep on it, give it a few days and come up with ideas that can create the most hype.

Whether you are wrong, or not, it is still better than not trying a pre-marketing campaign at all.

As a Magento store owner who wants to increase sales during the holiday season, get into the minds of people before the season starts.

Offer Unbeatable but Sensible Discounts

How do most ecommerce stores play the game? They keep discounting the products to beat the competition. But that isn’t the wisest strategy available because it drives the price down and manufacturers dilute the quality of the product to keep up with the production.

A better way to deal with this is to offer discounts that are enough to provide you with a decent commission. You can also play with ‘features’ i.e. offer products with features that others are not offering.

One question that will be in your mind now: How to find these features?

Create polls. Get an answer from the audience on your social media pages. Run paid polls to collect feedback.

Final Word

That’s it. These Magento store optimization hacks are enough to get you started with store preparation for the holiday season of 2018.
Have a tip in mind that can become a good addition to our blog? Comment it below.

Top 10 B2B eCommerce Trends you Should Know in 2018

B2B-E-Commerce-Trends-2018-2“By 2020, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.” – Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper, Co-CEOs of Bigcommerce”

eCommerce is growing constantly and bringing up new B2B eCommerce trends in the market. It offers a convenient way for the general user to access through a simple platform.  It further makes buying and selling are on a single click. B2B eCommerce market makes things simple by establishing a significant approach to introduced new trends and strategies where they can deal with different business.

Let’s begin with top 10 eCommerce trends that you must know that you can apply on different business approaches so that being a developer, entrepreneur you can get better exposure to apply latest trends for better output.

1. AI

Today, the trend has been converted to conversational commerce. Systems are highly integrated with AI chatbots, speech recognition and helping a layman for making better purchase decisions.

These conversational commerce trends are now expanding towards B2B markets so that it can work with better prediction with the sales, optimizing the prices and calculating discounts that are based on various index showing interest.API technology is another perk that AI brought giving better availability of software so they can be accessible to every single type of combined businesses at a massive level.

2. Dynamic Pricing

B2B e-commerce websites will be using Configure Price Quote tools that are another advanced trends that we are experiencing these days.

These tools also use special algorithms in order to adjust the prices of products that are based on their order history and catalog. As a result of these trends, this provides a customized and excellent user experience. Beside these transparent prices, there will be no hidden or extra fees for this.

According to the recent results on industrial growth, 2018 remained a good index for the growing e-Commerce platforms. This customer satisfaction was because of the customer satisfaction that these new trends have introduced.

3. Native app experience

Instant services like world largest growing networks Amazon are also satisfied because of like experience of E-commerce or B2B business. As a part of B2B customers, they expect the same quality of service and instant solutions to their problems.

Today, B2B ecommerce products have been finally providing a fine experience to its clients by making a fair dealing. Before B2B services people were not usually aware of the hidden charges that various products hold that ultimately end up in losing interest in the brand itself. Not every E-commerce platform is available on handy but still professionals are searching for best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development that could serve such a big database and support responsiveness at the same time.

The researchers predict that at the end of 2018, platforms that are using worn out techniques of E-commerce business will be no longer stay and will be soon able to replace.

4. Synchronized Management

The modern way of cloud-based commerce has provided integrated and well-synchronized solutions that make order processing and systematic involvement in the better user experience.

Other features of E-commerce includes JIT OR Just in Time availability where a user doesn’t have wait for extended hours and days to get their desired items. There is always an alternative available for the buyer to assist them.

Multi-warehouse, shipping and returning management is all what the amazing perks given by E-commerce for better buying experience.

5. E-commerce gadget serving

According to the recent stats people spend more time on their phone than to interact with the outside world. In other words, mobile search is significantly growing due to ease of smartphone availability and responsiveness of applications. Same as it E-commerce sites are now planned to be optimized on phone. Network like Amazon is now being serving people efficiently and supporting the mobile architecture.

6. Social platforms integration

No matter which business we are running they always need social platforms to introduce their business there. This provides E-commerce a boost and give them leading opportunity and friendly platform to share their reviews, and grow their interpersonal links with business. This is known as social selling where eCommerce trends emphasized on the better horizon of business, by interacting with people and their interpersonal relationships and other prospects.

7. Landing pages techniques

A landing page is the first impression that most importantly appears to the user at first glance. B2B business E-commerce trends include brand awareness and build up complete trust and personally connecting it with the potential leads. Short Videos and explanatory business for product ideas have existing customers and all other prospects that intend to make a successful purchase.

8. Updates

Detailed insight is required when it comes to B2B customer satisfaction model. Shipment details, tracking id’s, customer experiences, and frequent dealing with client’s order is necessary for keeping the transactional record maintained.

B2B networks are hard to tackle sometimes because of money involvement. Keeping clients updates is necessary to check for business credibility and letting a user know about the status or his order.

9. Customizing platforms

Implementing a B2B eCommerce platform is not easy. It always comes up with complexities. E-commerce timeframe includes all the system integration with whatever ERP you are using it must be done by few quick clicks by adding up new functionality to every update.

Customization of E-commerce is always needed if you want to give a good experience to the user with a high level of user satisfaction. Customization includes different content strategy other than defaults, different and easy front-end and layouts are necessary for giving the user a good experience of purchasing.

In simple words the better the layout of your E-commerce platform would be, the better would be the index of your daily purchase.

10. Giving Global exposure

Business is reaching the international prospects that are better than existing platforms in terms of better payment methods and ensuring continuous customer engagement in E-commerce.

Companies are now expanding towards more advanced solutions so that it can be more intelligent, responsive and cope with new emerging needs globally.


Artificial intelligence, survey-based results and monitoring of daily user needs have made a significant change in B2B E-commerce revenue. This coming year it is more likely expected that almost every small and large enterprise level E-commerce platforms would be enjoying the newest of trends in the market with more customization and better user reviews as there are a lot more Software development companies and experts are intending to bring in the market.

Author Bio:Paul Matlock being a Director of Award Winning Web Design Company is serving people to maintain a better log for the readers to get in touch with the newest technology. Being IT specialist I always worked on purpose to facilitate people that are technology lovers who want to be part of innovation.

Major WordPress Plugins Every Webmaster Must Know


WordPress is web publishing software you can use to create your own website or blog. Since it was released in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms. Today it powers nearly 30 percent of the entire web — from hobby blogs to some of the biggest news sites online.

Many people don’t realize that WordPress is much more just a blogging tool. It’s actually a highly flexible content management system (CMS) that enables you to build and manage your own website using just your web browser.

WordPress is completely free. That’s because WordPress is an Open Source project. That means that hundreds of volunteers from all around the world are constantly creating and improving the code for the WordPress software. And, there are thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes that enable you to build just about any type of website you can imagine.

Working of WordPress

Since the earliest days of the Internet, websites have been created in programming languages like HTML, PHP, and CSS to format text, create page layouts, display images, and so on. Your web browser then reads this code, interpreting those tags to render and display the content of a particular web page.

But today, you can install the WordPress software on your own web server in about 5 minutes. Once installed, you’ll log into your site using your favorite web browser, and then use a simple editor to create web pages — without having to learn how to code. There are even hosting companies like and others who install WordPress for you and enable you to start building your website with just a few clicks.

Reasons why WordPress is Very Popular

WordPress is Open Source. That means that there are thousands of people all around the world who are constantly working to improve WordPress. And because WordPress is an open source project it’s also completely FREE.

WordPress is incredibly flexible and extensible. There are thousands of plugins and themes that enable you to easily change the entire look of your website or even add new features like a mailing list, photo gallery, or an online store.

WordPress is easy to use and learn. You don’t need to hire a web designer every time you want to make a small change to your website. Instead, you can easily update and create your own content — without having to learn how to code. In fact, if you know how to use the basic formatting tools in a program like Microsoft Word, you can edit your site.

WordPress Plugins

Many of the content creators often find it difficult on what WordPress plugins they must use. Having the right set of tools can help you take your content creation and management to the next level. In this section, I will share the must WordPress plugins for website content management in 2018.

Envira Gallery

While you can easily create image galleries in WordPress without using a plugin, these galleries are fairly basic. Envira Gallery allows you to create beautiful responsive galleries in WordPress. You can create multiple galleries, add them anywhere on your site, create albums, open images in lightbox popups, and much more.


Images and other static content on a website take the longest time to load. If you want to make your website even faster, then you will need to use a CDN to deliver your static files. MaxCDN is the most reliable CDN service, and it integrates easily with WordPress.

W3 Total Cache

Speed is one of the most important SEO factors. Faster websites rank higher in Google, this means more visitors for your business website and more conversions. W3 Total Cache allows you to serve compressed and cached files to your visitors. This reduces the load on your server and your website becomes faster.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO (formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It allows you to optimize your WordPress site for search engines. It not only helps you add meta tags, it optimizes your site as a whole.


While we’re talking about security, there’s no better security than having a reliable backup system. As a business owner, you cannot afford to lose your business data in case of a hardware failure or an attack on your host’s servers.

The first thing you should set up on all your WordPress sites is a backup plugin. We recommend using BackupBuddy because it is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to backup and restore your WordPress sites with just a few clicks.


Security is going to be a big concern for online business owners in 2017. Sucuri’s web application firewall is probably one of the best protection you can get for your site. They monitor and protect your site from DDoS, malware threats, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, and basically every other type of attack. If you don’t have a firewall on your website, then add one today.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing service providers. It allows you to build an email list and send emails to your subscribers. It is by far the most beginner friendly platform, with a quick and easy setup. It comes with built-in tools to add signup forms and also works well with lead generation software like OptinMonster.


MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It allows you to connect your website with Google Analytics, so you can learn more about your website visitors such as where are they coming from and what are they doing on your website. You can then optimize your site accordingly to improve your earnings.


OptinMonster is the most popular conversion rate optimization software. It allows you to convert abandoning website visitors into email subscribers. If you want to grow your email list, then this is a must-have WordPress plugin in 2018.


As a business owner, you need data to find out what your competitors are doing for their websites. SEMRush allows you to look at the keywords where your competitors are ranking. You can check out their paid keywords as well as their organic traffic. This way you can optimize your own content and marketing strategy.


Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting software for professionals, freelancers, and agencies. It allows you to easily send invoices to clients, receives payments, and manage your finances.

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work is a suite of web applications like email, docs, spreadsheets, etc. Created by Google, this powerful suite of office applications is cheaper, easy to deploy, and hassle-free. Most importantly, it allows you to use your own business domain name for emails.

Beaver Builder

As a business owner, you may soon realize that placing things differently on your pages can result in more conversions and sales. But how do you create those landing pages without learning to code? Beaver Builder is a powerful drag and drops page builder tool for WordPress. It allows you to easily create your own page layouts using a simple user interface.

CSS Hero

WordPress themes rely on CSS for the visual appearance of your website. If you want to make customization to your theme, then you will have to learn CSS. This can be time-consuming for a business owner. CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize any WordPress theme without writing a single line of code.

Insert Headers and Footers

While managing your WordPress sites, you may sometimes need to add code snippets to your WordPress site’s header or footer. This means you will have to edit the theme files which could get messy and break up your WordPress theme. Insert Headers and Footer allows you to easily add code snippets to your WordPress site without editing your theme files.

Quick and Easy FAQs

When launching a new product or website, you may need to add a FAQs section in WordPress. You can add a new page with all the frequently asked questions (FAQs), but in most cases FAQs grows as your product evolves and as your customer base grows. By adding the FAQ section, you can significantly reduce your support overhead and improve conversion.


LearnDash is the best WordPress LMS plugin to create and sell online courses from your WordPress website. It has a drag and drops course builder that allows you to quickly add lessons, quizzes, assignments to build your course.

Shared Counts

Shared Counts is the best WordPress social media plugin. It allows you to easily add social media sharing buttons to your website. Unlike other social sharing plugins, Shared Counts is super-fast and comes with only the social platforms you actually use.


MemberPress allows you to build online communities on your WordPress website. It is the best WordPress membership plugin that allows you to easily add membership options to your WordPress website.

You can create subscriptions and restrict content to users based on their subscription plans. It works with all popular payment ways and plays nicely with online stores using WooCommerce.


Slack is a team management, productivity, and communication tool. We use it to communicate with our team spread across different time-zones and locations. Slack is more convenient than email, and it can integrate with tons of other online tools you may be using.


OutreachPlus is the best email outreach software in the market today. It allows you to manage your email outreach campaigns from a single dashboard like a pro.

You will be able to manage follow-ups, send personalised emails, send trigger based responses, and more. It is super easy to use and allows you to connect multiple email accounts and see all your outreach emails in one inbox.


If you need a solution for your business website where your users can book and pay for appointments, then BirchPress is the solution for you. It allows you to easily add a complete online booking system to your WordPress site. Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are special markup that you can add to your content and describe your content more precisely to search engines. This information is then used by search engines to show your content differently.

For example, star ratings below your product listings map when someone searches for your business, and so on. All in One rich snippets plugin provides you an easy user interface to generate that markup and use it in your WordPress posts and pages.


WordPress can be used in many different ways. It is open to possibilities. We can use WordPress as a content management system, blog, gallery, portfolio, membership site, video collection site, shopping store, rating website, and so on.

If you’re looking for an easy tool that will help you to build your own website or blog without having to learn how to code, you’ll love WordPress. And, you’ll find that WordPress is incredibly flexible, with thousands of themes, plugins, and support options to ensure that your site will continue to grow with you in the future.

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On the site of the hosting company you will find a lot of different services: Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), co-location, and dedicated server.  Say nothing of more advanced solution. An unprepared user is difficult to understand all this. What are these services and how to choose what you need? Read more

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Website Design Training in Surulere Lagos

UPDATES: Free Web Design Training


We want to use this opportunity to welcome new members to Zion Web Technologies – Free Web Design Training – platform – We created this platform to help people who want to learn how to design professional website and people who want to register domain name and host their website on a reliable server.

You can learn web design online if you are not in Lagos or if you are working – you will be receiving video lesson every week like this: How to Login to Control Panel and Create Email Accounts. If you reside in Lagos, you can join classroom training in our office in Surulere.


We still have 3 slots for Free Web Design Training for online students. Out of 5 slots, 2 has been taken. All you have to do to take advantage is to pay N5,000 for domain name and hosting and you will start receiving your video lessons.

Here are the websites of the 2 students that have registered for free training:

They will start developing their website very soon. After the remaining three slots, the price will go up to N10, 000.

Our classroom based training is N15,000.00 only. One of our classroom based student  registered this website last week: and he has started developing the website for their company.

We look forward to enroll more students this week. Please if there is anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask questions. We will be grateful to answer you.


Your Web Design Coach
Stanislaus Okwor
Zion Web Technologies

Zion Web Design Training Online

First Lesson: How to Login to Cpanel and Create Email Accounts

Dear Student,

It has been wonderful. A student joined our online web design class this week and her web hosting and domain name has been registered. You can confirm it here: 

You are going to see INDEX of… that is how newly registered website should be until you upload the index page, that is the home page.

I congratulate Felicia for taking action. I know some of you will take action very soon but remember, the first 5 students will only have to pay N5,000 which is for the domain name registration and web hosting for 1 year. That is to say, the first five students are getting the training free. After the first 5, then the price will be N10, 000.00 (maybe reviewed upward later)

I created this course for people who are not in Lagos and those who are working class. One on One training in our office in Lagos is N15,000.00 plus N5,000.000 if you want to get your own website where you can practice.

On the video lesson you are going to download, I promised never to betray the trust you have on me. I will make sure that you enjoy all the training. Please if there is anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask questions. I will be grateful to answer you.

Here is the download link to the first lesson: How to Login to Control Panel and Create Email Account


Your Online Teacher
Stanislaus Okwor
Zion Web Technologies