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Benefits of Dedicated Server

The information world is progressing every day.  Thousands of new sites are creating. These can be landings, business cards, online stores, educational portals, databases, etc. The people’s and company’s needs are different.Initially you can use the resources of your own computer. But the project is increasing. The power of your computer is insufficient for this. There is a need for additional processing power. It’s time to use the services of a hosting provider.

On the site of the hosting company you will find a lot of different services: Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), co-location, and dedicated server.  Say nothing of more advanced solution. An unprepared user is difficult to understand all this. What are these services and how to choose what you need?

Let’s start with the concept of hosting.

The service of providing the necessary computing resources for placing information on a server that is constantly on the network (usually the Internet) is called hosting.Usually hosting is included in the package for site maintenance. It implies the service of placing the site files on the server. The server has the necessary software to process requests for these files (web server).

An important criterion in choosing is the operating system. The software that will support the functionality of all services depends on the OS.  An important aspect is the availability of installed modules and frameworks.

Simply put, you pay for using the computing resources that the hosting provider has.

As mentioned above there are 4 main types:

Shared Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS)


Dedicated server

Shared Hosting a type of hosting when a lot of websites are located on one web server.  This is the cheapest option suitable for small projects. You can only use the software that the provider has installed. You also don’t have autonomy. You are forced to share the server with other users. If we give an analogy to life, then this is a hostel where all resources are common and everyone uses them.

Virtual Private Server (VPS).  Using this type of server, you can modify, add, and also delete any files, including files in the root and other service directories. You also have the opportunity to modify application software and install your own applications. You get advanced functionality, this is a plus. But in fact the virtual dedicated server only emulates the physical server. You still depend on other users. This is the same as having an apartment in a multi-storey building. You do your own business, but use common resources. An unplanned increase in the load on the part of another client would mean a nominal “theft” of your part of the processing power.

Co-location. The service consists in the fact that the provider places your server equipment on its territory, connects to electricity, performs regular maintenance and connects to high-bandwidth communication channels. The package also includes backup, remote access organization, climate mode and computer protection. This will save money on the organization of the communication channel. The data immediately go to the server via a direct broadband channel.

At first glance it looks quite profitable. But the life of the equipment is 2-3 years and then it needs to be changed. And the server itself costs 2000-3000 dollars. You also need to pay for electricity. Economy? Only an extra headache.

Dedicated server. This is the type of hosting when the client receives a separate physical machine (as opposed to a shared hosting). Hosting provider guarantees stable and fast operation and timely troubleshooting. A feature is the complete transfer of rights to administer and configure the server to the client. The server owner has full access to all software and hardware.

All resources are at your disposal. You choose the necessary technical characteristics, calculating possible loads in the future. No one except you, doesn’t use the server resource.If you correctly calculated the power that you need, the probability of a delay in operation is negligible.

What are the benefits of a dedicated server?

Confidentiality. A dedicated server is suitable for those who are concerned about the risks of data storage. This type of server is necessary if you want to place your personal or corporate mail, database or accounting on the server. A dedicated server will provide maximum privacy and security.

Economic. You do not need to immediately invest a lot of money to buy a server.

Power. You do not depend on time. If you need to increase the processing power it is enough to inform the provider about it and select the appropriate package.

Control. You are completely independent. You can change absolutely everything.You choose the operating system, you can change the entire configuration of the computer, conduct any tests or technical work without fear to harm other servers or services. Often, to get the ability to manage the software and BIOS remotely, you are provided in addition to the server the ability to access KVM/IP.

Convenience. Continuous access to the web server in uninterrupted mode. If the database or any other information is on a separate machine from the web server, even when the server is running technical work or prevention, access to the databases will not be blocked.

High security. With any DDOS or hacker attack, if the databases are on separate machine, important information will not be affected.A hacker who owns the server itself will not be able to cause significant damage to your resource, because not all SQL will be allowed, but only some set of stored procedures.

Unloading the computer. Assume that the database server consumes so much computing resources that the web server and / or FTP server on this machine cannot be started. In this case, the database is located on a dedicated server and removes the load from other resources.

Now you know the main differences between hosting types. Only you can solve if you need a dedicated server or be enough simple solutions.Hosting service is very diverse and everyone will find a suitable solution for themselves. I wish you the right decisions and successful projects.

MariiaHepalova is a content writer at She has written for various online publications and blogs. With an equal passion for both technology and educating people, she strives to produce content that is informative yet easy to understand.

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